12 Heart Touching Photos From Around The World

Photos captures moments in time that can’t be lived again. They can seize feelings, emotions. Images can frequently bring powerful feelings in us. The power of a photos can weigh heavily on us, Because it freezes a motion that can be shocking or life-changing. There have been many heart touching photos around the world which includes,

Photos taken during the war

  • Photos of soldiers returning home to loved ones,
  • Photos depicting the devastation of natural disasters,
  • Photos of some historic moments.

Photography has helped capture historic moments in the past, and has helped us explore and understand things we may not have been able to understand without a photo. A great photographer can capture the essence of a moment in time in a simple photograph, and it is a true testament to the art of photography.

Here are 12 heart touching photos from all over the world.

 A youngster receives the devastating news that his brother has been killed.

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A guy locates his dog after a 30-hour search caused by the Washington tornado.

Neil Armstrong’s face after walking on the moon for the first time.