10 Unexpected Buys on Amazon, Reviewers Say Changed Their Lives

One of my beloved things is tripping across different products that make everyday life a little better. These 35 helpful little strokes of intelligence won’t answer all your problems, but they will help make everyday tasks a little more pleasant and maybe even put a smile on your face!

This Thawing Tool Defrosts Meat 7 Times Quicker!

This Thaw Claw gadget securely and instantly defrosts meat, up to seven times quicker! This defrosting tool uses a powerful suction cup to stick to the bottom of your sink and keep the meat underwater, helping it defrost in about 20 minutes!

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This Purse Light Lights The Dark Areas Of Your Bag

This motion-activated purse light will change your life.  The sleek, inconspicuous design easily clips on the inside of any bag and helps you locate your lip balm or tampons, stat.

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This Smart Plug Automates Your Home

This compact smart plug lets you can manage your lights and machines via voice requests or your phone – you can schedule lights to switch on before you get home, or to turn on & off randomly while you’re out of city to entirely protect your home from would-be thieves.

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This Dog Selfie Stick Is A Must-Have if you have Dog

This dog selfie stick connects to the top of your phone and holds a multicolored ball that draws your dog’s focus while you take photos.

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These Headband Headphones Are SO Convenient

This headband with headphones is soft, stretchy headband with thin speakers is suitable for cold-weather exercise, listening to music or a podcast while you asleep or just using for long prolonged periods of time like watching movies on a plane.

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