10 Products on Amazon That Changed My Life

I am an Amazon Addict. I’m not looking for help with that, although I’m sure my husband acknowledge it if I did. Instead, I’m here to share my complete favourite things I’ve purchased from my absolute favourite store Amazon.

Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

This is a fancy mug and it is the best thing I’ve ever owned from amazon. You know-how as you drink a cup of coffee you anticipate the colder and colder temperature. But Ember Mug changes all of that. Your last sip of coffee is just as hot as your first.

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No single product has changed my hair days as much as making the switch to DevaCurl No-Poo. My husband bothers me that I wash my hair with “no-poo” rather than “shampoo.” I see why my husband teases, but my hair looks amazing so I don’t care.

Microplush Heated Throw 

The best way to describe how wonderful it is to sit under this Heated Throw is this: think of having a heated, soft, cuddly cat on your lap on a cold winter’s day, but this cat is big sufficient to cover all of you but without any of the cat.