10 Most Unsafe Cities In America You Might Not Want To Visit

St. Louis, Missouri

Be cautious if you’re wandering around St. Louis, Missouri! The city retains the title of the fourth most unsafe city in America and has the third-highest murder rate per capita and the fourth-highest rate of aggravated assault on our list. Crime rates have been frequently deteriorating since the mid-’90s but still persist above the national average.

Memphis, Tennessee

Established in part by previous President Andrew Jackson, Memphis, Tennessee, is the third-largest city in the Southeastern United States. Crime in Memphis is mainly linked to gang activity with approximated 182 gangs and 8,400 gang members known in the county, a much greater assembly than most urban areas across the country. The aggravated assault caused up two-thirds of violent crime in the city at 7,200 reported occurrences.

Oakland, California

More lately admired as one of “America’s Coolest Cities” (Forbes) or “America’s Most Hipster Cities” (Thrillist), Oakland, California, still owns the title of one of the most unsafe cities in the United States, appearing in at #2 on our list. Oakland has the largest burglary rate on our list at 1,218.66 per 100k; said otherwise, 12 out of 1,000 people can presume to be lifted every year. One of the significant causes connected to Oakland’s massive crime raise in the 1960s (and continued crisis levels) is an FBI and police tactics that used military strategy and profoundly relied on imprisonment.