10 Most Unsafe Cities In America You Might Not Want To Visit

Baltimore, Maryland

Ask an American about the most vulnerable cities in the U.S. and Baltimore will usually land near the top of the list. Though Baltimore’s crime rates have been declining(some have increased again), they’re still exorbitantly big, including a murder rate of 37.42 per 100k. Baltimore is trying to prevail in its crime levels, even fulfilling youth curfew laws in 2014 – abandoned children under 14 must be in by 9 P.M. and those 14-16 must be in by 10 P.M. (or 11 P.M. on weekends and during the summer).

Little Rock, Arkansas

Few might imply Little Rock, Arkansas, has the fifth-highest rate of aggravated assault on our list, but it’s true – as is its #6 place on our list with 1,407 severe crimes per 100,000 citizens. Though property crime has declined since 2000, violent crime has risen.

Cleveland, Ohio

Though the third lowest on our list for aggravated assaults, Cleveland is still a severely threatening city, mainly due to crack cocaine and gang violence which accompanied crime to skyrocket in the 1980s. To fight the rise, Cleveland, fortunately, executed policies such as eliminating gang-related graffiti and reporting news stations not to report gang names. Explaining the relationship between unemployment and crime, a 2004 investigation discovered the highest rates of crime (especially economic crimes) linked with areas having the lowest access to jobs.