10 Most Unsafe Cities In America You Might Not Want To Visit

Birmingham, Alabama

Hosting collegiate sporting’s SEC (Southeastern Conference), Birmingham owns many universities but, just like New Haven, has a higher crime problem. Murder and worsened assault are some of the city’s most constraining problems. Television network A&E has frequently used Birmingham’s homicide investigators during filming.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

An entrance of German emigrants made Milwaukee, Wisconsin, one of America’s leaders in beer production – the city even sported a pub per 40 residents in 1843. Milwaukee has emerged on the top ten list for many years, primarily because of its difficulty with exacerbated assault: its 4,405 aggravated assaults in 2013 made up almost half of its brutal crime.

Rockford, Illinois

The third-largest city in Illinois, Rockford has a low theft and murder rate but a huge aggravated assault rate: third highest on our list with 1,003.27 incidents per 100k. Put differently, 1 in 100 people will be the sufferer of aggravated assault every year.