Most Horrendous Selfies Ever Taken

Selfies have become a global trend in the past few years the technologies have shaped up according to the traditions. In the past there were no selfie cameras or no Selfie phones but as the trend went up technologies came forward with the innovating selfie cameras. Selfies has now become a great obsession all over the World especially with the Millennial Crowd. People now go over the ultimate lengths to take ultimate selfies so they can get many likes retweets and followings on Social Media but not always selfies go as planned even a little minor things can sometimes turn your Most Beautiful Selfies into Most Horrendous Selfies.

People go at extreme lengths From Going over the buildings to climbing on top of dangerous things that they shouldn’t have or taking a photo with Hazardous animals, Selfie obsession literally knows no boundaries.

So here we do These Are The 10 Most Horrendous Selfies Ever Taken that will make you Laugh.

When You Want a New Pose

Horrendous Selfies

Shooting a New Music Video

Horrendous Selfies