10 Creepy Abandoned Amusement Parks Around the World

Dogpatch USA, Arkansas

Many people may be shocked to know that Dogpatch USA was previously a flourishing amusement park. Recreation Enterprise designed the hillbilly-themed park later they acquired the Raney family’s trout farm.

The company selected to form their new business after the land’s original owners. Unluckily, with growing interest rates and economic troubles, Dogpatch was compelled to shut its doors in 1993.

Dunaujavarosi Vidampark, Hungary

Most people assume abandoned amusement parks to be a tiny bit unsettling. However, Dunaujavarosi Vidampark in Hungary takes weird to a whole new level. After 40 years in business, the theme park locked down in 1993.

What is left of the once-thriving place is now spoliation, decay, and garbage. If you ever have a possibility to tour the amusement park for yourself, make sure to receive your tetanus shot first.

Spreepark, Berlin

Thousands of travelers visit the north of Berlin to see the deserted Spreepark for themselves. The theme park draws in such a huge number of guests that there are even public tours allowed.

The guides present a deeper insight into the story of Spreepark and how it dropped to its demise. Visitants ramble through rusty roller coasters and large dinosaur statues dispersed everywhere in the park.